COVID-19 Updates

The health and safety of our dance students and instructors is very important to us. We have made adjustments to our classes and adhere to the current recommendations from the Swedish Authorities.

Update Sept 29, 2021
The authorities have removed most restrictions in society, and we have adjusted our guidelines and recommendations accordingly.
Our current measures are:

  • If you’re not feeling well and have cold symptoms, you must stay at home and not join class
  • We provide hand sanitizer and we recommend all participants to wash/disinfect their hands before/during classes
  • Switching partners is optional in couples salsa classes, even though we rotate partners and most opt to do that. In our Rueda de Casino class we rotate partners.

Update April 14, 2021
Finally time to get back to dancing this spring. First is our Salsa Beginner 1 – Outdoors classes, and they begin May 3 and May 5. Read more and sign up on the Classes page.
Our current COVID-19 health & safety measures are:

  • We’ll be dancing outdoors
  • Limited number of participants
  • Only even couples accepted
  • No switching partners during the course
  • Plenty of distance between the couples
  • Strict enforcing of contact safety, mandatory to use hand sanitizer prior/during lessons (hand sanitizer available on site)
  • Optional use of face mask
  • And of course if you feel sick you must stay at home

Update April 1, 2021
Group classes are still on-hold but we’re looking into reopening and resuming previous classes, and starting new classes, hopefully in May. April 24 is the next class Timba 4 Casineros – livestreamed online 90 minute session (in English).

Update February 22, 2021
We’re still on-hold for regular classes (in-studio). However we’re launching a brand new online class called Timba 4 Casineros. Livestreamed online lessons with music and dancing. Course begins March 3rd.

Update January 10, 2020
Our new online class Salsa for Beginners is back. Livestreamed interactive online lessons with instructors.

Update December 7, 2020
Premier for our new online class: Salsa for Beginners. Livestreamed interactive online lessons with instructors.

Update November 16, 2020
Adhering to the latest decision by Swedish Authorities, we’ve put all our ongoing classes on-hold until further notice. We want do our part to stop the spread of the coronavirus in our society. We all need to make the necessary sacrifices in order to be able to get back to dancing together as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for more information, and be safe.

Update September 29, 2020
We’re updating our COVID-19 safety measures and are making the following adjustments to our lessons:

  • Strict enforcing of contact safety, which means mandatory for each person to wash hands/use hand sanitizer prior/during lessons (hand sanitizer is provided in our studio)
  • Limited number of students in each class
  • Only even couples are accepted (meaning for couple dancing we have one lead/one follow)
  • The usual partner-switching is suspended, so every person will be dancing with their own fixed dance partner throughout the whole course
  • Marked space for each couple and plenty of distance to other people in our spacious dance studio (who can accommodate 200 people).
  • Reduced number of courses (two instead of three)
  • Shorter lessons (50 minutes)
  • Frequent opening of windows to ventilate
  • Only couples classes in salsa offered so unfortunately this means we’re suspending our popular Rueda de Casino classes for the time being
  • And lastly, one must stay at home and not attend lessons if one has symptoms of a cold