Salsa and Rueda de Casino courses in Malmö

We offer classes, workshops and private lessons in Salsa Cubana (Salsa Cuban-style a.k.a. Casino) and Rueda de Casino.

Level definitions
We use the following levels, in which every level is a course with approx. 8 hours of dance lessons. A higher level builds upon skills from all levels below, except for the beginner 1 level that doesn’t require any prior knowledge.

La Candela’s dance class levels

Level 1: Beginner 1 (1st level, no prior knowledge or dance experience required)
Level 2: Beginner 2 (Preknowledge: Beginner 1)
Level 3: Intermediate 1 (Preknowledge: Beginner 2)
Level 4: Intermediate 2 (Preknowledge: Intermediate 1)
Level 5: Intermediate 3 (Preknowledge: Intermediate 2)
Level 6: Intermediate 4 (Preknowledge: Intermediate 3)
Level 7: Advanced 1 (Preknowledge: Intermediate 4)
Level 8: Advanced 2 (Preknowledge: Advanced 1) etc.

Fall Schedule pt 2 – November – December 2021

Fall 2 - 2021 schedule
Fall Schedule – part 2: Nov-Dec 2021

In the second Fall season of 2021 we offer: Introduction to Salsa, Salsa Beginner 2, Salsa Intermediate 2, Salsa Advanced 1 and Rueda de Casino Intermediate 2.

Learn more about our classes and sign up on our Swedish page.

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