We turn regular people into happy Salsa dancers!

We love to make people happy! We’ve been doing this for many years as dance instructors, and at La Candela we offer classes and entertainment in Salsa (Cuban style a.k.a Baile de Casino) and Rueda de Casino in Malmö, Sweden.

Salsa Beginner 1 – Outdoors – Starts May 2021
An example of our dance classes, January & March 2020
La Candela and students dancing in a flash mob in Malmö City, June 2019

At La Candela, you’ll find genuinely enthusiastic and happy instructors who are skilled at teaching dance, and who can explain and show steps, body movement and figures in an easy-to-learn and fun way, regardless of difficulty level. We use a structured teaching approach and methods that have been proven to work and produce excellent results for many years. We’re also very good at creating a friendly and pleasant atmosphere in our classes, which creates a strong sense of community and belonging. A lot of our students find new friends among their class mates.

Salsa and Rueda de Casino courses in Malmö

We offer classes, workshops and private lessons in Salsa Cubana (Salsa Cuban-style a.k.a. Casino) and Rueda de Casino.

Level definitions
We use the following levels, in which every level is a course with approx. 8 hours of dance lessons. A higher level builds upon skills from all levels below, except for the beginner 1 level that doesn’t require any prior knowledge.

La Candela’s dance class levels

Level 1: Beginner 1 (1st level, no prior knowledge or dance experience required)
Level 2: Beginner 2 (Preknowledge: Beginner 1)
Level 3: Intermediate 1 (Preknowledge: Beginner 2)
Level 4: Intermediate 2 (Preknowledge: Intermediate 1)
Level 5: Intermediate 3 (Preknowledge: Intermediate 2)
Level 6: Intermediate 4 (Preknowledge: Intermediate 3)
Level 7: Advanced 1 (Preknowledge: Intermediate 4)
Level 8: Advanced 2 (Preknowledge: Advanced 1) etc.

Classes Spring 2021

Schedule spring May-June 2021

CourseDay/TimeDate periodLocation
Salsa Beginner 1 – Outdoors
Group A – Sold out
May 3 – May 31
(5 weeks)
Malmö City
Salsa Beginner 1 – Outdoors
Group B – Sold out
May 5 – June 2
(5 weeks)
Malmö City
Salsa Beginner 1 – Outdoors
Group C
Sold out
May 6 – June 10
(5 weeks, break on May 13)
Malmö City
Salsa Advanced 1TBDTBDTBD

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Salsa Beginner 1 – Outdoors (level 1, 5 weeks)

This is our course for absolute beginners, and this is where you start learning salsa dancing.
None! No previous knowledge or dance experience required at all. Everyone can learn to dance salsa with our teaching methods.

In this course you will learn the basics of salsa dancing (both solo and in couples).

Date and time
Group A – Mondays 6-7pm (Sold out)
Begins May 3, ends May 31, 2021

Group B – Wednesdays 6-7pm (Sold out)
Begins May 5, ends June 2, 2021

Group C – Thursdays 6-7pm (Sold out)
Begins May 6, ends June 10, 2021 (break on May 13)

The class is five lessons, each 60 minutes.

Outdoors, Malmö City

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600 kr. Students get 100kr discount upon proof of your student status.

Heath & Safety during COVID-19
The health and safety of our dance students and instructors is very important to us. We have made adjustments to our classes and adhere to the current recommendations from the Swedish Authorities.
Our current COVID-19 health & safety measures are:

  • We’ll be dancing outdoors
  • Limited number of participants
  • Only even couples accepted
  • No switching partners during the course
  • Plenty of distance between the couples
  • Strict enforcing of contact safety, mandatory to use hand sanitizer prior/during lessons (hand sanitizer available on site)
  • Optional use of face mask
  • And of course if you feel sick you must stay at home

Salsa Advanced 1 (level 7, 6 weeks)

This is the continuation course in salsa (level 7) for students who have acquired the skills in our Intermediate 4-course.
Salsa Intermediate 4 (level 6) or skills corresponding to approx 50 hours of training in Cuban salsa/Baile de Casino. You’ve probably been dancing for at least one year. You already know most of the following figures and are able to execute them comfortably to midtempo-fast music: Setenta doble, Roscala, Martillo, Setenta y tres (73), Setenta por debajo, Sombrero con alarde, Setenta y dos (72), Montaña, Corona, Setenta complicado, Siete moderno, Plancha, Setenta y uno (71), Aguajea, Exhibela, etc.
Date and time
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Sign up

Classes are ongoing and enrollment in spring 2021 classes is now closed

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Welcome to sign up to the following classes/workshops 🎵💃🕺😊

Before you sign up, please read about our classes and their prerequisites so that you sign up to the correct level, and then read about our prices, discounts and payment rules.

After you sign up, we will get back to you with confirmation via email, with more practical information before the class begins.

Note! The Salsa Beginner 1 – Outdoors – Monday (Group A) and Wednesday (Group B) classes are fully booked. Few spots open in Group C on Thursdays.

Sign up instructions
We recommend that you sign up with a dance partner (leader & follower) – if you can do that you’ll have priority to the available spots. If you don’t have a dance partner, you can still sign up solo – in that case we will try to match up leaders and followers to reach even couples in the course – but of course we cannot guarantee that.

About La Candela

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We have plenty of recommendations, however they’re in Swedish. Click above to read them on our Facebook page.

We love to make people happy! We’ve been doing this for many years as dance instructors, and at La Candela we offer classes, workshops and entertainment in Salsa Cubana (Cuban-style salsa) and Rueda de Casino in Malmö. We want to share our love of the Cuban social dances Salsa (also called Casino, danced in couples or solo) and Rueda de Casino (danced in groups) and share our knowledge and experience of the dances.

La Candela is run by Louise and Karam, who are the main instructors.
We have taught at various levels (from beginner to advanced) since 2014, and our students appreciate us, among other things, for:

  • Our teaching method. We’re skilled in explaining and showing steps and figures in a clear, and easy-to-understand way. We use a proven structure and method that we know works.
  • Our enthusiasm and joy is genuine and very contagious 🙂 – our students get inspired and motivated to learn, have fun and make progress.
  • We are known for creating a friendly and pleasant atmosphere in our classes, which creates a nice social community in the group. Many of our students make new friends among their classmates.
  • All students get access to videos showing the dance figures from the lessons so that they can review them afterwards and practice on their own.
  • The music! We place emphasis on choosing songs that are suitable to the course level/ style, that are popular and actually get played by DJs on the social dance floors (not just during classes). Cuban salsa (Timba) music is rich in rhythms and melodies that make us dream ourselves away to sunny Caribbean beaches and hot Latin American dance nights. A lot of people who start dancing salsa eventually discover the wonderful music and get hooked on it.

    Since we ourselves are very active social dancers, and are involved in the latin dance scene in Skåne, you’ll find us often on the dance floor where we share our dance- and music experience and our joy of dancing.

You’re most welcome to dance with us at La Candela!

Contact us

You can also reach us via PM on Facebook Messenger (m.me/candelammo) and Instagram DM.